Britney DeLa Parra Silk-liked Scarf 36" x 36" Thin Satin Shawl

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Britney DeLa Parra Silk-like 36" x 36" Scarf Thin Satin Shawl
· [Material]:  Satin
· [Size]:  92cm x 92cm (36" x 36")
· [Print Technology]:  Thermal transfer print
· [Print Position]:  Single-sided printing
· [Occasion]:  It's a thin scarf made of smooth satin fabric. It's a fashionable item that could always add some points to your image.
· [Care Instruction]:  Hand wash and hang to dry

About this Item
· Premium material
This scarf is made of supreme satin cloth that is thin but gives a silk-liked touch.
· Tender and warm
The fabric is soft to touch, with a length of 36", you could wear it as a shawl or a scarf.
· Stylish item to pick
It is a popular accessory for everyday clothes, and it's also a product to create beautiful designs. This customizable scarf is suitable to sell with other warm clothing.
· High-quality printing
Thermal transfer print is fast and precise to bring your design to the product, and it can largely preserve the original color of a digital picture.