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M & Ape Cross-body Bag Lightweight Fashion Messenger Bag


M & Ape Unisex Cross-body Bag Lightweight Fashion Messenger Bag · [Material]:  Polyester· [Size]:  37cm x 25cm x 9cm (14.57" x 9.84" x 3.54") the straps could adjustable to 39.37"· [Print Technology]:  Thermal transfer print· [Type]: Cross-body bag· [Occasion]:  This stylish messenger bag is perfect for shopping, traveling, exercising, walking, and other daily occasions and outdoor activities, or as a ...

M & Ape Round-neck Summer Shirt Paint Splatter


M & Ape R T-Shirt Loose Round-neck Paint Splatter· [Material]: Interlock· [Print Technology]: Thermal transfer print· [Printing Area]: All over print· [Type]: T-shirt· [Occasion]: It is suitable for all occasions like holidays, birthdays, beach, casual, informal business, work, vacation, dates, weddings, and travel, the shirts for you will make you feel fashionable and comfortable when you great to wear as...

M&Ape T-Shirt DTG | Gildan 76000


M & Ape Gildan T-shirt· [Material]:  100% Cotton, KRS pre-shrinking treatment fabric· [Printing Technology]:  Direct-to-garment print· [Printing Area]:  Single-sided print: front printing· [Type]:  Pullover T-shirt · [Occasion]:  Casual and outdoor style, warm and soft, best for summer· [Care Instruction]: machine wash or hand wash   About this Item· Soft and comfortableAmerican cylinder seamless technology, washable and durable enough for any outdoor...


I Scream Fitness! But who do I Follow?

01.18. 2023 Master J Happy Birthday Master J Comedian, Performer & Personal Trainer Houston TX, Influencer VS Influenced In a recent study, researchers have found that many individuals are not...

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Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money

Fitness & Money The #1 NYRes is fat loss and the #2 is making more money. How about, Let’s do both at the same time so we can stay lean and...

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New Year, New Me OTW

It’s that time of year again! Holiday text messages from people you hardly ever talk to, trying to finish everything in time, and doing the opposite of the New Years Resolutions...

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Its not Halloween until you check out the Blood Diet?

The word diet can be intimidating but remember that the dictionary definition of the word diet is, a food or drink regularly provided or consumed. So you could have a low...

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8 ways to win the battle of Body VS Mind

A very special shoutout!Happy Birthday to Mama Master J! As a retired marathon runner, step aerobics queen, and dancing chef who *disobeyed her doctor by continuing to run into her...

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5 Keys to help your Fitness Consistency:

5 Keys to help your Fitness Consistency:by Master J aka HAHA CintoEvery year has the same ups and downs at the gym. It starts with January, with New Year's resolutions,...

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Circuit Training Vs High Intensity Training

The most important difference between circuit training and HIIT is that HIIT is done at a maximum effort. If you are rating effort on a 0 (no exertion) to 10...

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