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Flying Car? @xpeng_aeroht plans to mass produce flying cars by 2024.The 6th generation flying car will be mass-produced and delivered in 2024. The, X2 is not the product that will...

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11 X 17 Poster Prints By Los-Twins DeLa Parra

We have Poster Prints available inside of Winter Street Studios at Sawyer Yards. Inside of Studio 27 every Second Saturday of the month for a VIP Event, one can expect...

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Jumpan Reviews the latest performance of Vanilla Ice

JUMPMAN finally gets to encounter his two child heroes on stage dancing! Robert M. Van Winkle aka VANILLA ICE and Michaelangelo of TMNT tear it up on stage. Join. young...

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Who is Jumpan .01

In the beginning, there was .01!   The first Metaverse Influencer for Super Funky Fresh is Jumpan .01 Jumpan .01 is an musician, artist and food connoisseur. Follow along as...

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Ben Franklin Influencer and Problem Solver for the Community

  Ben Franklin - Master Influencer Benjamin Franklin’s intellect and available resources helped his community through collaboration and strategic design. There is so much information and resources available now in...

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The Eagle : The Most Interesting Animal in the World

The Eagle: Endless Value By Robero Coello - 12-2022 The Eagle is one of the most valuable and influential animals on our planet.  We have so many tools available at...

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Its the Future into the Past

The EV Delorian is the Real Deal!  Aerospace engineer and businessman Matt White serves as the company’s CEO. Blakely Fabiani, who has a background in software engineering, is its chief...

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I Scream Fitness! But who do I Follow?

01.18. 2023 Master J Happy Birthday Master J Comedian, Performer & Personal Trainer Houston TX, Influencer VS Influenced In a recent study, researchers have found that many individuals are not...

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Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money

Fitness & Money The #1 NYRes is fat loss and the #2 is making more money. How about, Let’s do both at the same time so we can stay lean and...

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The Bored Apes Want Their Choco Fix

M&M’s Releases NFT-Inspired CandyA licensing deal between Mars and music label UMG means Bored Ape NFT images are now printed on M&M’s chocolate candies. Bored Ape Yacht Club owners have...

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