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Its the Future into the Past

The EV Delorian is the Real Deal!

 Aerospace engineer and businessman Matt White serves as the company’s CEO. Blakely Fabiani, who has a background in software engineering, is its chief technology officer.

While they each had relevant credentials before beginning the business venture, Sumner said that they were more so brought together by their shared interest in motorsports and cars.

White, who is based out of Florida, met the others through racing with friends at Atlanta Motorsports Park in Dawson County. He is also a part owner of Primal Racing Group, according to Ampere EV’s website.

This past November, Ampere EV attended the Specialty Equipment Market Association or SEMA’s prominent annual trade show in Las Vegas, where the co-owners talked to thousands of people in the span of a couple days.

A lot of people they talked to spoke about wanting to convert their or their customers’ cars to be electric but lacking the skills or knowledge to pick the right components for it.

Ampere EV aspires for nationwide reach and, eventually, an international market. Of the 10 electric kits in their inventory, only one is not spoken for, and Sumner said they’re already trying to order enough to build 25 more.”

Ampere EV sources parts from multiple countries since some of the kit components aren’t made in the United States. However, they’ll sell their products as manufactured and assembled in the U.S. with global components, “kind of like a small auto manufacturer,” he added

Ampere EV is an engineering design and development company offering well engineered electric powertrain systems for the conversion of internal combustion vehicles. The primary applications for Ampere EV systems are existing vehicles on the road where there is a need or desire to replace them with electric variants.

The team at Ampere EV combines engineering experience from the automotive and electric vehicle spaces with decades of business and leadership experience. The skillset across the company combined with unique and complete system designs positions the company to offer tremendous value to their clients and customers. The team is passionate about both the automotive and electric industries and that passion carries over into building strong and lasting customer relationships.


The EV Delorian is the Real Deal!


 While most of the most notable upgrades when using our Atom Drive System are about speed and power, We looked far beyond modern performance. We also considered the feel of the vehicle when developing our system, and you can tell when you take a seat in this DeLorean. There is fully functioning AC and Heat. You can choose from several drive modes. One-Pedal Driving can be toggled on or off. We have truly brought not just the performance, but comfort of a modern EV to any vehicle using our Atom Drive System.

These creature comforts are non-invasive as well. This DeLorean still looks and feels like how it did when it rolled off the assembly line, but with all the features and performance expected from a modern EV. The interior is intact, and so is the body. you wouldn’t know its an EV until you put the pedal down.

This EV DeLorean proves that EV conversions can be safe, easy, and without sacrifices to the modern EV experience or the original look of the vehicle. Using our Atom Drive System, this harmony of past and future can be integrated into any vehicle for any application

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