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Beyond the Bedroom, 4 Keys to Sexual Health


Now that I’ve got your attention, happy Valentine’s Day and here’s a fun fact, the number one searched word online since the internet has been invested is sex. It’s something that we all acknowledge as something important in our lives and for some reason avoid talking about with our loved ones. Well, I’m here to remind you that health and fitness play a huge role in making sure you are good at 
Old sayings are still here because most are true, like if you don’t use it, you lose it. Whether it’s your shoulder muscles or your love muscles, using them consistency is the key to lubricated muscle fascia. I’m trying very hard, I mean my best to keep this article scientific. 
Here are 4 keys to sexual health…
1. Flexibility 
Guys, don’t you just love watching a contortionist, deep yoga routine, or fully adult woman gymnast throw her leg over her head? That’s it, that should be the only motivation you need, now, go stretch. 
No seriously, most men have very tight lumbo/pelvic/hip complexes which can cause hernias and pulled groins. Men also have tight shoulders from carrying physical stress. Also everything on Earth is fighting gravity which effects our posture. Humans have it worse than animals from daily activities like driving, computer work, SIT UP RIGHT NOW, phones, tv, movies, etc.
Ladies, y’all are truly amazing, did you know you literally are designed to have more flexible joints than stinky ole boys? It’s true you have the ability to extend your joints safely, it’s a child birthing process for supporting weight. That does not mean I want you to go around resting your limits, my point is that’s why yoga, dynamo stretch, and Pilates classes are mostly women, ladies love the feeling. 
Most ladies also have tight hip, hand, & backs because of your body structure and tight shoulders from carrying that purse and emotional stress. 
The common denominator to right shoulders is stress, so along with flexibility try some guided relaxation exercises.
2. Strength 
To improve the muscles you need for making sweet love down by the fire, look these up online and try them with your partner, butt neket…
Squats, bridges, planks, reverse planks, wheel barrel, push-ups, V-ups, dips, leg lifts, and any others for the L/P/H/C. Also don’t forget to look up sexual positions and try ones that challenge your fitness.
I promise those are all exercises even though they sound nasty. If it does, who cares, it’s great you’re getting the right mindset of making this funny and fun.
Read this first part slowly, the Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip-Complex, is called a complex because there are multiple muscle groups overlapping in that entire region. You have to strengthen them all so they all work together.
3. Cardio 
Everybody wants better stamina. This one is simple, consistency. A little bit everyday and the work up to more time. Keep an eye on your heart rate, train in different zones, and spend equal time on warmup/cooldown.
4. Kegel 
Dr. Arnold Kegel - genius.
Everyone! Do the exercises, Trust me, Look it up, and thank me later.
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