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You and me, baby, ain't nothin' but mammals

Spring is in the air for every oxygen-breathing animal on Earth, so let's take this opportunity to get outside more often. Our planet is here for all of us to enjoy fruitfully and it was designed to give us everything we need to live a long healthy life. We are meant to keep moving, which is why the 9-5 can be so stressful. Please respect all the mammals, besides you, in the house that need to get outside. There is one mammal in particular that desperately wants to get out of the house, your dog. The following information is very helpful for everyone and extremely helpful for dog lovers.

The keyword up there is mammal, because that is what people often forget that we are. If you listen to your primal urges and act like a Jedi (do not think, feeel!) you will remember, what we really are, calorie storing machines. Since the dawn of mammal time, our ancestors have been foraging, hiding, and storing body fat.


The reason why you want to relax with food a beer right now is because your DNA is programmed to store body fat for winter. Guess what Mammalian? It's not winter anymore, spring is springing, so let’s get up and go!


Some folks enjoy it and some do not, but we all need it. The best part of exercise is when it is over. Being done with it, for the day, feels great and reducing stress. Now, let’s add another mammal to your fun time. More mammals means more fun, more motivation, and feels less like exercise. Sharing experiences is relationship building but sharing very intense/challenging experiences is relationship forging. 



You know what happens when we stress, we can become destructive to relationships, disobedient to others, and/or disrespectful to our loved ones. No worries, it's ok, we all feel it because it's a mammal thing. Now you understand why the other mammal in your house, your dog, is destructive, disobedient, and disrespectful.


Both of you need to, "Get up, Git out, and Get Something!” - Goodie Mob. I am talking about real time outside, as in miles, hours, and goals. Please keep in mind all fitness levels for breaks, water, shade, snacks, etc.



Believe me, I feel your pain and know how difficult it can be to get started. The reasons don’t matter, whether it’s insecurity, lazy, lonely (some relationships only have 1 person into fitness) or whatever the reason is, “Just do it.” like the Nike.


Think about how amazing it's going to feel AFTER taking a long walk with your spouse/dog/self. Then you all lie on the floor to stretch, talk, and play around while bonding and building stronger bonds. As you become more consistent, your energy level increases and everyone is at the door ready to go with super funky fresh gear on! 

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