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Jumpan Reviews the latest performance of Vanilla Ice

JUMPMAN finally gets to encounter his two child heroes on stage dancing! Robert M. Van Winkle aka VANILLA ICE and Michaelangelo of TMNT tear it up on stage. Join. young JM.01 as he discovers the wonder of party in live view!


Artist's & Area Web Site★🎨 Vanilla Ice:

Bicentennial Park: **************************************

★ Credit ★👍🏼 Production music Babebee & Captain Morg - everytime Vanilla Ice Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It Spice Girls - Wannabe Smash Mouth - All Star And all other unmentioned chop up songs. #jumpman #tmnt #vanillaice #dj #cosplay #tour #gaming #rap #music #market no copyright infringement is intended

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