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Infinite Love

Love is the most powerful and complex word in our dictionary.  There are not enough words to describe this infinite aspect of our existence.  Love can be rational and irrational. Conditional and unconditional.  It can sharpen your senses and blur your vision.


What is it about this essence that can bring so much joy and suffering into our lives?

We, as humans, love to love.  We love to love so much, that we hate anyone or anything trying to take our love from us. Even if it’s the ones we love. Weird, isn’t it?

Think of all the things and people you like and the ones you love.  What’s the difference between these? Love does not discriminate. We create opportunities to make the choice over who or what to love.

Love is sneaky.

And keep this in mind, not only has this essence of our reality materialized immortal characters such as Cupid, son of Aphrodite and Eros in Greek mythology, but also created martyrs such as Saint Valentine whose name has been in calendars since before anyone alive today existed for marrying young couples against an emperor’s wishes.


Consider this, when was the last time any of us did something that’ll get us a day in the calendar of society for love?  Or materialized a mythological being full of love? 

Even most major religions such as: Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam base their faiths in the power of love. Unfortunately, love is not perfect.  It has been the cause of plenty of suffering either by these same religions or other terrible aspects of our society such as war. 

The Trojan War is well known, as well as World War I and World War II were caused because a particular set of individuals loved themselves and their perspectives over everyone else on the planet. Crappy, isn’t it? This is what some folks would call “Selfish Love.”

This master influencer has even gone as far as ignoring all laws of physics and reality and attached itself to humanity’s literal life pumper, our hearts.  Our hearts pump blood through to circulate and oxygenate our body. It beats 100,000 times a day pumping about 2,000 gallons of blood. That’s a lot of love. 

Without today’s advanced technology love’s influencing abilities allowed it to: 

  • Materialized mythical beings. 

  • Create martyrs. 

  • Taken civilizations to war.

  • Base major religions faith.

  • Attached itself to our hearts.



So, in honor of Love, I’ve collaborated with artists, producers, and distributors on  a design for clothing and educational items that attempt to symbolize LOVE assigned funding from their profits which also include selected non-profit organizations as follows: 

  • 30% collaborators – artists and commenters

  • 30% distributors – website and delivery

  • 29.995% administrative – program and funds administration.

  • .005% owners of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s)

  • 10% non-profit recipient – varies by date. 

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