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5 Keys to help your Fitness Consistency:

5 Keys to help your Fitness Consistency:
by Master J aka HAHA Cinto

Every year has the same ups and downs at the gym. It starts with January, with New Year's resolutions, Feb-March is "actually start New Year's Resolutions" , April-May spring lull, before Summer, June-August get serious for summer, Sept. summer lull, Oct.-Nov. Pre-Holiday rush, and Finally Nov.-Dec. Holiday's are bad and I'm waiting for January.
Consistency is the key to successful fitness goals so, avoid the Lulls by using your mind:

1. Love your lifestyle or and you will stick to it - Enjoy your fitness as a lifestyle, embrace the types of exercise that you like the most, and tell yourself you love them. Your body does not know the difference between a treadmill, riding a bike, and dancing salsa. We often forget, Humans are mammals and mammals are fat storing, calorie burning machines. If you are getting bored with your routine, change Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Types aka the F.I.T.T. Principle.

2. Mind over matter - People often marvel at the physiques of professional athletes and think I'll never look like that! If you were paid to workout, eat the finest food, employ multiple trainers (one for every aspect of fitness), and had the time to sleep 10 hours per night you would look like that too. "Comparison is the thief of joy." - Theodore Roosevelt.

3. Be mentally prepared for every rep - Focus on making every rep count, maximize your time so you can go home, and recover. During every rep you should be thinking things like: when to inhale, when to exhale, which muscle is working, which muscle is stretching, when to pause, where to position your body, which joints are moving, maintaining abdominals tight, which muscles to avoid compensating, etc... If you are not comfortable answering these questions, please ask a fitness professional with a nationally accredited certification.

4. You must FEEL your goals -  We all learn 1 or all 3 ways: Visually, Auditorily, and Kinesthetically. An example of each type of learning is students in a large auditorium-style lecure. The visual students are watching the professor speak like watching a tennis match. The auditory students have their heads down and are taking notes. The kinesthetic person prefers labs over lectures because they like to touch to learn. Determine which way you like to receive information and research your goals. Find the person with a similar body type that has the body you wish to have. Post pictures on your phone, mirror, watch interviews, look up their workouts and diet, ask them via twitter. This really works because your subconscious begins reminding you throughout the day and soon it becomes a lifestyle.

5. Humans Make Time - We will make time for the things that we really want. So, make time for your body, otherwise your body will take your time. Please remember to spend equal time on cardio, strength training, and flexibility. If you are not comfortable with any aspect, please ask a fitness professional with a nationally accredited certification.

"I don't have time to exercise"
168 Hours in a week - 40 (work) = 128 Hrs
128 Hrs - 56 (8 hrs sleep/ night) = 72 Hrs
72 Hrs - 10 (TV) = 62
62 Hrs - 12 (Kids) = 50
50 Hrs - 20 (Life) = 30
30 Hrs - 10 (More Life) = 20 HRS
20 hours left in the week after work, sleep, TV, and life...

Stay Lean and Green,
Master J

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