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8 ways to win the battle of Body VS Mind

A very special shoutout!
Happy Birthday to Mama Master J!

As a retired marathon runner, step aerobics queen, and dancing chef who *disobeyed her doctor by continuing to run into her 3rd trimester. My mother, At 70, still exercises daily, meditates results fly, and master of living a healthy lifestyle.

Listening to your body sounds simple but do you really listen? As a certified Fitness Trainer, I’ve learned that Trainers sometimes pose as ventilators for clients to relieve stress, talk about their problems, and confess their fitness sins. Some common client phrases include:

1. I'm tired! - Sooo REST! I know I know, you do have time. Please read my previous Blog 5 keys to Fitness Consistency. If you're tired then you probably did not get enough sleep the night before, or you might be so stressed that you cannot rest well. Try deep breathing apps like the Windhoff Method "deep breathing, the upward and downward movement that the diaphragm performs helps to remove toxins from our organs and promotes better blood flow. Oxygen provides energy, which means that we are creating an increase in our energy level by breathing deeply. Learning a few techniques and taking just a few moments each day to practice some deep breathing exercises can decrease stress, relax your mind and body and help you sleep better." 


2. I can't sleep - Sooo SLEEP! These days a good night’s sleep is very difficult with technology, distractions, and thoughts racing in our minds. Before bed turn everything off, face the alarm clock the other way to make your room as dark as possible, and make the most out of your "muscle rebuilding" time, START TONIGHT! PLEASE. Also, cherries are a natural sleep aid, thank you anthocyanin! Also, See #1…

3. I'm hungry - EAT! All things in moderation and if you're eating a healthy diet, being hungry is good because you're burning your calories. Have you ever eaten an unhealthy heavy meal that's high in sodium and felt heavy after? There is a common misconception that obese people eat a lot & lean people do not. The truth is the opposite because the more muscle you have the more calories you burn. My favorite example of this is a hot dog eating. Champion, Kobayashi who went from skinny to ripped to achieve Guinness book world records in competitive eating. Another example is Olympic champion Michael Phelps…google what his plates of food look like. Speed up your metabolism and really enjoy your food.

4. I'm emotional! -  "Anger, fear, aggression, a Jedi craves not these things" -Yoda. “ 40 million adults in the US experience anxiety.” - Jay Ghetti. Exercise and Laughter are the greatest ways to release your body's natural pain killers Endorphins. When someone or something upset you, walk away, breathe, and LAuGH!! according to a 2006 study published by the "The FASEB Journal." During the study, participants who expected to laugh soon had higher levels of endorphins in their blood than people who did not.

5. I'm fat!  - If you're exercising, stretching, and eating healthy then something might need to change in your fitness program. Ask your favorite CERTIFIED trainer for a free orientation. Every trainer should be proud of their nationally accredited certification and experience, so do not feel shy to ask. Buy a few sessions from a professional and figure it out as a team, but quit the negative nancy talk, now!

6. I can't! - You are so right and you are more special than the thousands, maybe millions, who have seen the results you want with the same ailment, problem, and/or body type as you. "Even very valid excuses are still excuses" - Dr. Phil

7. It's too hard! - Do not underestimate yourself, your trainer should know your limitations with a few standard tests, taught in trainer 101. You must challenge yourself if you want to see results. Training too hard without adequate rest "Challenge yourself but don't kill yourself" Master J

8. I don't have time! - Humans will make time and money for things that we really want. You have to make time for your body otherwise your body will take your time.

Master J can directly recommend a great trainer in Houston, TX, Los Angeles, CA, and online that will be happy to give you a free fitness assessment.

Master J


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