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The Eagle : The Most Interesting Animal in the World

The Eagle: Endless Value

By Robero Coello - 12-2022

The Eagle is one of the most valuable and influential animals on our planet.  We have so many tools available at our disposal which give us the opportunity to create infinitely more from that value than they’ve already created. So why don’t we use them? Are we distracted?

Let’s start with some information you may find interesting about this apex predator.  As a bird, eagles are also dinosaurs.  So if you thought dinosaurs were completely extinct, think again.  This means these iconic creatures survived 36 million years worth of several extinction level events.   

Artwork by Los-Twins Dela Parra


There are over 60 species of eagles in the world.  1 of them managed to get itself  labeled as the baddest on the planet,  The Bald Eagle.

The Bald Eagle has many labels such as bird of prey or raptor.  Think about this as you watch other representations of dinosaurs or star trek ships with the same name on TV. 


Bald eagles also have a lot of similarities in behavior as humans. They typically mate for life and continuously return to their territory.   Bald eagles will also occasionally hunt collaboratively for large prey such as jackrabbits by distracting and ambushing it. 

But consider this: out of all of your experiences at the “top of the food” chain, how many moments have been as exhilarating  “at the top '' in comparison to an eagle’s daily routine?  Leaping with all confidence in its state of being that it will soar, from the highest of mountains and maneuver its body to ride through the waves of the wind at its whim. 

That The Eagle, with no state of ownership or wealth or power, has such a level of confidence in its natural abilities which allows it to  ride through the skies under absolute control above everything else.    The bald eagle has no fears or doubts about its existence or its place in society.  It hunts, eats, takes care of itself and its young, and enjoys the other moments.

This master influencer has evolved itself into a position of admiration and absolute freedom and also created incalculable markets of propaganda, artistry, merchandise, and many others.

In short summary, without our advanced technology the eagle’s natural abilities allowed it to: 

  • Naturally rise to the top of the food chain as a raptor/dinosaur/apex predator
  • Survive on earth for 36 million years.
  • Inspire billions of people throughout its existence
  • Influence us to the core without the slightest amount of intent 


After all that, the eagle’s top representative influences itself as the national bird of the most advanced world power in human history.


All this information makes me think to myself: How can I, as a person,  bring some of this endless value to my community?  


So, in honor of The Eagle, I’ve collaborated with artists, producers, and distributors on  a design for clothing and educational items that symbolizes this real life flying raptor dinosaur and assigned funding from their profits which also include selected non-profit organizations as follows: 

  • 30% collaborators – artists and commenters
  • 30% distributors – website and delivery
  • 29.995% administrative – program and funds administration.
  • .005% owners of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s)
  • 10% non-profit recipient – varies by date. 


Click here and find out how we can help solve problems for your business more collaboratively with a complimentary Discovery Appointment. 




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