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Level Up Your Fitness Game in 2024: Invest in Yourself with 3 Essential Upgrades
It’s that time of year again and honestly, 2024 feels different than other years at the gym. Usually folks do not get serious about the New Year’s resolutions until late January. However, I’m seeing the gym full since January 1st! It seems as if though, 2024 is the year of more.

It’s time to give yourself more, more time, more effort, and more consistency! Let’s start with getting yourself 3 new items that you might need to get started on the right foot.

#3 Mattress - The average human will down 26 years sleeping & 7 years trying to fall asleep for a total of 33 years in bed. Quality of sleep can effect your energy level, mood, posture, etc. Since the market has been flooded with delivery mattresses, the average expiration date has decreased because “they don’t make ‘em like they used to.” Check the age of your bed, you might be surprised.

#2 Shoes - Just like the tires on your car, shoes get worn out based on a few factors. Similarly, if your joints are out of alignment the tread might wear out differently. It’s also a good idea to rotate them regularly to avoid athlete’s & funky feet. Consider the activity when selecting a new pair and if you’re not sure, there are specialty stores that have professionals to custom fit shoes to your feet. Take a look at your shoes right now and see where the tread is wearing out. This also says a lot about the way you walk. 
Contra by Dela Parra Fine Shoes

#1 Gear - The right tools make the job easier. Sometimes we don’t think about the holes in our gloves until you wear them. Then you get home and forget. It is time to reevaluate all of your fitness gear. If those stretchy pants are not so stretchy anymore, throw them away! Fresh clothes, workout gloves, jump rope, pants, tanks, massage gun, foam roller, etc. can be that final push of motivation.

No matter your goals this 2024, go get more!
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