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New Year, New Me OTW
It’s that time of year again! Holiday text messages from people you hardly ever talk to, trying to finish everything in time, and doing the opposite of the New Years Resolutions you say you’re going to do…every…year. The number one resolution is always to lose weight or get in better physical shape.
Congratulations, because 2023 is truly, and I really mean this, truly going to be your year of change for the positives you’ve always wanted. The time is now and Master J is here to help!
I have worked and played around every aspect of the world of fitness for too many years and always see the same pattern… 
January: Get in shape 
February: No seriously now
March: Join a gym & hardly go.
April: Ok I’m serious now
May: omg summer is here! Send me Memes to make me feel better.
June: Summer is here & I'm back in the gym trying to burn.
July: Summer is almost over, going to the gym more often and eating much better.
August: Summer is over, trying to keep it going!
September: School/Work/Life had been stressful, slacking a little.
October: Fall is here! Omw to Starbucks!
November: it’s the Holidays, time to start eating bad l.
December: F@*% It!! I’ll start in January…
No you will not! The reason most resolutions die, is because a resolution to become more healthy is a lifestyle that requires time & effort to get started. Look at the definition of Resolution - a firm decision to do or not to do something.

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then youll be successful.

- Eric Thomas 

By Jacinto "HaHa Cinto" Maturino
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